General Question
What is JeGras ?
Jharkhand JeGras means Online payment of Tax,Non Tax,Revenue and any other receipt to goverment of jharkhand using this website.
Who can use this website?
Any user, who has to deposit government receipts, can use this facility. The user may be single person, name of association,entity, government/semi government units, departments etc.
What type of users count to website ?
To facility this website, there are two types of users namely-
1. Non Registered users
2. Registered users
Why should I register?
1. Ease of operation and convenience
2. Facility is available on 24x7 basis
3. One can deposit on behalf of the firm, company and others
4. On-line payment of taxes (No more queues and waiting)
5. On-line Filling of single challan form minimum fields of the challan need to be filled. Most of the fields are populated automatically.
6. Facilitate to view the history of previous transaction.
What is to be done to display the records on screen if records exceed (>10) maximum no. of records ?
You can use “Search Option” given in your login screen and get any number of records by selecting the specific time period.
What all points are to be take care while preparing challan through JeGras ?
1: Use of special characters should be avoided.
2: Don’t use separators like “,” , or ‘-‘ etc.
3: Fill values for all mandatory fields.
4: Check all values before finishing the process.
Can I use the previously entered information ?
Yes, you can use it by using the “New Payment’’ option given in your Transaction History Page.
Can I get a list of all transaction generated through JeGras ?
Yes, you can get it by using the search option with a specific time period.
What should I do to get smooth services on JeGras ?
1: Update your account profile with the latest information.
2: Change your password frequently.
3: Use your own user ID on eGRAS instead of using Guest Account.
How can I change my password ?
First login and then select the “Change Password” option under the menu “Account.”
What information should I supply to raise a query about my transaction ?
Always supply GRN number and Bank name to initiate queries about the transactions made through eGRAS.
Which fields make the transaction unique at JeGras site ?
GRN, CIN and Challan numbers are the fields which make the transaction unique at eGRAS.
What is the procedure for enabling merchant(egras(jegras) Jharkhand) in state bank of india corporate internet banking(CINB) ?
5. What is Government Receipt Number (GRN) ?
Government Receipt Number (GRN) is the unique id number generated for each e-Challan irrespective of online / offline payment. This number is printed on the top left corner of e-Challan and required by the Government for any queries related to e-Challan.